Healthcare Services

Primary Care & Specialty Care

Medication Prescribing
HIV/AIDS Testing & Treatment
Hepatitis C Testing & Treatment
Chronic Pain Management
Physical Therapy
Nutrition Counseling
Addiction Medicine: Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Substance Use Disorder
Asthma, COPD Management
Nebulizer Treatment
Diabetes Testing & Management
Hypertension Management
Cardiovascular Disease Management
Foot Checks
Wound Care
Ear Cleanings
Strep Testing & Treatment
Neurological Exams
Joint Injury and Arthritis Evaluations
Steroid Joint Injections
Skin and Dermatological Concerns Eczema, Acne, Wart Removal
Gastrointestinal Evaluations
H. Pylori Testing
Emergency Room Follow-ups
Referrals to External Providers for Specialty Care

Cancer Screenings

Cervical Cancer Screenings
Pap Smears & HPV Testing
Referrals for LEEPs
Endometrial Cancer Screenings
Endometrial Biopsies (EMBs)
Breast/Chest Cancer Screenings
Referrals for Mammograms or Ultrasounds
Anal Cancer Screenings
Rectal Exams
Anal Pap Smears
Rectal Biopsy
Colon Cancer Screenings
Fecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT)
Referrals for Colonoscopy
Skin Cancer Screenings
Skin Checks
Skin Biopsies
Referrals to Dermatologists

Lab Appointments

Blood draws
Arterial blood draws
Hormone Injections
Vaccines (Flu, Tdap, Hep A, Hep B, HPV, MPox)
COVID-19 Testing (Rapid & PCR)
Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
Blood Pressure Checks

Gender Affirming Care

Hormones & Anti-Androgens
○ Gender Affirming Hormone & Anti-Androgen Prescribing
○ Lab Work for Hormone Monitoring
○ Hormone & Anti-Androgen Injections
○ Self-Injection Training (Intramuscular or Subcutaneous)
○ Injection Supplies

○ Referrals & Letters of Support for Gender Affirming Surgery (Medical & Mental Health)
○ Navigation of Gender Affirming Surgery Referrals
○ Appeals of Insurance Denials of Gender Affirming Care
○ Pre- and Post- Surgery Care
○ Post-Op Supplies Kits
○ Referrals for Home Health Care
○ Referrals for Post-Op Hyperbaric Therapy
○ Accompaniment to Appointments

Hair Removal
○ Electrolysis
○ Laser Hair Removal

Speech Therapy

Identity Documents
○ Assistance with Paperwork to Update Name & Gender Markers on Identity Documents
○ Letters for Identity Document Changes

Prosthetics & Compression Garments
○ Binders
○ Packers
○ STPs
○ Underwear for Packing
○ Breast Forms
○ Gaffs

Sexual & Reproductive Health

HIV/AIDS Prevention & Treatment
○ PrEP & PEP (including injectable Apretude)
○ Positive Care (including injectable Cabenuva)

HPV Prevention & Treatment
○ HPV Vaccine
○ Cryotherapy for Genital or Anal Warts

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing & Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing & Treatment:
○ Chlamydia
○ Gonorrhea
○ Syphilis
○ Herpes
○ Scabies
○ Crabs
○ Molluscum

Gynecological Care

Pelvic Exams

Testing & Treatment for:
○ Bacterial Vaginosis
○ Yeast Infections
○ Trichomoniasis
○ Uterine Fibroids
○ Endometriosis
○ Pain/Dyspareunia
○ Menstrual Pain, Spotting, Irregularities
○ Stenosis after Vaginoplasty
Menopause Treatment

Atrophy Treatment

Pelvic Physical Therapy

Birth Control, Fertility & Pregnancy Care
○ Birth Control
○ IUD Placement & Removal
○ Nexplanon Placement & Removal
○ Pregnancy Tests
○ Full Spectrum Pregnancy Options Counseling
○ Morning After Pill
○ Medication Abortion
○ Referral for Surgical Abortion
○ Referrals for Hysterectomy, Orchiectomy & Vasectomy
○ Pre-Conception & Fertility Counseling
○ Referrals for Egg/Sperm Freezing
○ Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
○ Pre-Natal Care

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Mental Health Services & Case Management

Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Letters for Gender Affirming Surgery
Short-term Case Management
Crisis Intervention
Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT Program)

Care Coordination

Insurance Coverage Navigation
Medication Prior Authorization Navigation
Referral Coordination for Specialty Care
Referral Coordination for Medical Equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, braces, commodes, CPAPs, etc)
Accompaniment to Referral Appointments
Medical Asylum Letters
Medical Accommodation Letters
Short Term Disability Letters for Work
Emotional Support Animal Letters
Assistance Applying for Food Stamps
Assistance Applying for ParaTransit
Assistance Applying for In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

Outreach & Harm Reduction Services

Suboxone Prescriptions

COVID, Hep C & STI Testing & Treatment

Safer Drug Use Supplies

Narcan, Fentanyl Test Strips
Needles & Syringes, Sharps Containers
Alcohol Prep Pads
Cookers, Distilled Water
Pipes, Pipe Covers

Safer Sex Supplies
Dental Dams

Hygiene Supplies
Menstrual Cups, Pads, Tampons
Nail Clippers, Shaving Razors
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Floss
Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wipes, Deodorant
Sunscreen, Lotion, Lip Balm, Foot Balm, Vaseline

Street Sleeping Supplies
Tents, Sleeping Pads, Sleeping Bags, Tarps, Rain Ponchos, Solar Powered Chargers
First Aid Supplies
Food, Snacks, Ensure
Water, Hydration Powder

Free Haircuts (1-2 times per month)

Community Fridge
Free groceries available in our Waiting Room Refrigerator

Your Primary Care Team

As your primary care home, your Lyon-Martin primary care team will work with you to identify your health and wellness goals. Your primary care team consists of a Primary Care Provider (PCP), a Nurse (RN), a Medical Assistant (MA), and a Care Coordinator (CC). Your PCP is who you see for yearly check ups. They can prescribe medications, order preventative care tests that screen for cancer and sexually transmitted infections, or order referrals if you need specialty care.  Your RN supports your provider in procedures, provides complex care coordination support and health education. Your MA can take your vitals, room you for your appointments, and do phlebotomy (take your blood for lab testing). Your Care Coordinator assists with navigating referrals, doing paperwork, enrolling you in support services, and changing identity documents. We also have Therapists, a Psychiatrist, Case Managers, a Physical Therapist an Acupuncturist, an Electrologist, a Speech Therapist, and Outreach & Harm Reduction Coordinators on staff who help us provide more in depth wrap around services.

Though we integrate gender affirming methods into all care we provide at Lyon-Martin, we use the term “Gender Affirming Care” to talk about services that are meant to help with gender transition for trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or intersex people. We try to minimize as many barriers as possible to accessing Gender Affirming Care by using an informed consent model; this means we center gender self-determination and do not require Endocrinologists or Mental Health Providers to approve your access to Gender Affirming Care. Only you know what is best for you and your body, and we will do what we can to partner with you and support you in achieving your gender transition goals on your path of self-discovery and self-realization.

Most surgeons and insurance companies continue to require letters of support and official clearances from medical and mental health providers to be able to access surgery. While we do not agree with these requirements ethically, we do offer these services to help our clients access life-saving gender affirming surgeries and care.