Ten on the Tenth

We invite you to join Lyon-Martin’s
10 on the 10th Campaign:

Give $10 on the 10th of each month and multiply the power of 10!

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Medicare, Medi-Cal, government contracts and self-pay only cover part of the cost of LMHS patient visits.

Your donation of $10 on the 10th of each month will cover the cost of a Pap smear for two clients or transgender care for one patient.



Two people’s donations of $10 a month will provide one year of diabetes care or annual HIV care for a patient.

Three people’s donations will pay for a patient’s annual integrated behavioral health services care.

Six people’s donations will cover a patient’s pain management care for one year.

Ten people’s donations will cover one patient’s course of mental health therapy.

If many of you donate in small amounts, it will make a huge difference to us and our patients.

Join Our Campaign Today!