Ten on the Tenth

We invite you to join Lyon-Martin’s
10 on the 10th Campaign:

Give $10 on the 10th of each month and multiply the power of 10!

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Medicare, Medi-Cal, government contracts and self-pay only cover part of the cost of LMHS patient visits.

Your donation of $10 on the 10th of each month will cover the cost of a Pap smear for two clients or transgender care for one patient.



Two people’s donations of $10 a month will provide one year of diabetes care or annual HIV care for a patient.

Three people’s donations will pay for a patient’s annual integrated behavioral health services care.

Six people’s donations will cover a patient’s pain management care for one year.

Ten people’s donations will cover one patient’s course of mental health therapy.

If many of you donate in small amounts, it will make a huge difference to us and our patients.

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Join These Donors: The Ten on the Tenth Club!

Jocelyn AtkinsJessica BeitchAaron BeitchKaijsa BensonJennifer BingCorey Bohman – In memory of Danette Crawford

Shannon Bousquet

Jeffrey Braff

Candace Burton

Mary Byrne

Jennifer Chaffin

Anna Chalmers

Prajna Choudhury

Tomi Clark

Ed Craft

Lilah Crews-Pless

Beth E. Davis

John Ferreira

Zeph Fishlyn

Rana Freedman

Evan Gattozzi

Dawn Harbatkin

Judith Hedgpeth

Rina Herring

Ruth Herring – In honor of Marj Plumb

Natalie Ingraham

Clara Jaeckel

Leah Kelley – In honor of all the amazing staff

Brittany Koury

Patricia Lennon

Pike Long

Fred LopezMadelyn MarinoJosh MarchanAmanda MaysteadDiana McDonnellMen’s Hair Forum

Melyssa Mendoza

Stephanie Mikhail

Lindsey Miller

Michael Morris

Joyce Murton

Chelsea Nelson

Voula O’Grady

Ruth Osorio

Zakir Parpia

Marj Plumb and Tracy Weitz

Brenna Reichman

Patty Robertson - In honor of Dawn Harbatkin

San Francisco Community Accupuncture – In honor of their 5 year anniversary

Andrea Scally

Lisa Schen – In honor of Dawn Harbatkin

Alana Schilling

Allison Shaw & Amy Lessler

Cheryl Simas

Alexis Stoumbelis

Issey Sugiyama

Laura Thomas

Shad Turney

Kathleen Weitz

And two Anonymous Donors — Thank You!