Paying for Your Visit

Lyon-Martin Health Services has always been, and will always be, a place where you can receive essential health services regardless of ability to pay.  We accept public health insurance, many commercial insurances and have a sliding fee scale for those that are low income and uninsured.  In addition, for those who are uninsured, we check to see if you are eligible for limited-benefit coverage programs  — like FamilyPACT, Every Woman Counts and Healthy San Francisco — and can enroll you on site.

Prompt Pay Discounts:  Any patient who pays the full amount due for any service, at the time of service, with cash or credit/debit card gets 50% off.

Payment Plans: If you are unable to pay the amount due at the time of service, you can speak with our Comprehensive Patient Service Associates (CPSA) to work out a payment plan that will help you resolve outstanding bills.

Please call reception at 415-565-7667 if you have questions.