Paying for Your Visit

Lyon-Martin Health Services has always been, and will always be, a place where you can receive essential health services regardless of ability to pay.  We accept Medicare and MediCal and have a sliding fee scale for those that are low income and uninsured.  In addition, for those who are uninsured, we check to see if you are eligible for limited-benefit coverage programs  — like FamilyPACT, Every Woman Counts and Healthy San Francisco — and can enroll you on site.

Please call reception at 415-565-7667 if you have questions.

If You Have Insurance…

We accept the following  insurances:

  • Medicare
  • MediCal including Anthem Blue Cross MediCal and San Francisco Health Plan MediCal

If you have any questions about whether Lyon-Martin takes your insurance plan, please call Terri Thomas at (415) 762-1550.

If You Do Not Have Insurance…

Self Pay

Patients without insurance may apply for our sliding fee scale discount.  “The slide” is a structure that offers discounts based on your household income and household size. To apply for our sliding fee scale you must show proof of identity and household income, as well complete an application.

Coverage programs

These cover specific healthcare services. As opposed to insurance, they do not cover comprehensive primary care so patients who are eligible will still be charged full price for visits/services not covered by these programs unless you qualify for our sliding fee scale. Please visit the links to see if you qualify and to enroll.

  • Family Pact: This is a state-wide program that provides no-cost family planning services to women and men.  To be eligible for the program you must be a California resident, able to reproduce, and be low-income/underinsured.
  • Evert Woman Counts (formerly known as Breast Cancer Early Detection Program): This is a state-wide program that provides no-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services to women and men. To be eligible for the program you must be a California resident, at least forty years old, and low-income/underinsured.
  • Healthy San Francisco: This is a county program that provides increased access to discounted health services – for example, primary care, laboratory testing, pharmacy, speciality care, and hospitalization. Lyon-Martin is a medical home with Healthy San Francisco, and in order to receive care with us, you must have Lyon-Martin as your medical home if you are eligible for the program.  This can be done on or after your your first appointment with us.